The Technological Landscape of Modern PR

PR, like any profession, is changing with modern society to stay hip and up to date with the cool stuff.

This post we focus on the changing landscape of PR in relation to technology and social media use. We look at how technology is affecting the role of a PR professional, including skill set, campaign and social media presence.

Tech Savvy PR

The digital age sees the traditional methods of PR changing to involve online, video and other technological charged campaigns. So as a modern day PR professional, technological skills are vital. You need to know how to use technology in the best way to represent your organisation or individual. Technological based PR campaigns are examples of some of the best PR campaigns to date; for example:

Google Fight Ebola Campaign

In November 2015, Google CEO announced that for every dollar donated through Google would donate $2 to help fight against Ebola. This online campaign helped raise $7.5 billion for Ebola research. The campaign helped promote a caring and socially aware image for Google.


Social Media: The Good and The Bad

The 24/7 Relationship

Social media allows publics and stakeholders constant conversation and connection with organisations and individuals. So that means a 9-5 role in PR is out the door! PR professionals need to keep social media presence spick and span to keep a positive image for social media users. Constant updates of good news and positive action serves well for PR image.

You’re the Voice

Audiences also have the ability to have their say through the use of social media. Bad experience? Why not make a social media post? Posts on social media can damage reputation and as they say: Bad news travels fast! But on the other hand positive social media posts can also lead to happy endings.

The Good…

Remember when your social media was filled with videos of people dunking buckets of ice water over themselves? That was a PR stunt that shows the positive circulation of content through social media.

To raise funds and promote awareness for Australian Motor Neuron Disease, people around the world began filming themselves being covered in ice cold water and uploading to social media. The hashtag #alsicebucketchallenge trended globally and saw more than 2.4million videos with the tag. Celebrities and public figures also joined the social media sweep, including Barack Obama, Taylor Swift and Bill Gates.


The Bad…

Victoria Secret received social media backlash through their ‘The Perfect Body’ campaign with arguments it promoted a skinny, thin body as ‘perfect’. Consumers took to social media with posts shaming the brand and starting the hashtag #iamperfect. Talk about a social media takedown!











In Conclusion?

As you can see, PR is changing with the influence of technology and social media. Campaigns are digitalised and social media is a vital tool for keeping up appearances.

PR is a changing industry so go with the flow and embrace the technology!.










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